sknflagThe Saint Kitts and Nevis Economic Citizenship Program is the oldest citizenship by investment program in the entire world, offering individuals and families around the world the chance to live, work, and go to school on this Caribbean island nation. The program was launched in the 1980’s and has gone from strength-to-strength since its inception, now attracting people from all corners of the globe who are looking to start a new life in a warmer climate with beautiful beaches, hospitable people, and a long-standing cultural history. There are currently two ways to gain citizenship in the country – the first is to invest in real estate, the second to contribute to the economy by means of a donation. This post explores everything you wanted to know about Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship.
Island nation

You may already be familiar with Saint Kitts and Nevis if you have traveled there before. This island nation is the smallest country in the Caribbean by both population and area. The country’s capital Basseterre is located on Saint Christopher – one of two islands that makes up Saint Kitts and Nevis. The city is home to numerous landmarks, including The Circus, and Independence Square, and is visited by people from around the world. The smaller island, Nevis, is about 2 miles away. The country still has strong ties to the Old World, with Queen Elizabeth II reigning as Monarch. Tourism and agriculture help to contribute to the country’s economy, and sport is extremely popular, with cricket and football being played throughout the country.
How to apply for citizenship

You can currently become a citizen of the island nation in two different ways. The country’s citizenship-by-investment program will provide you with citizenship and a second passport in exchange for a monetary donation to the Sugar Industry Diversification Fund, or SIDF, which provides funds to individuals who have retired or become displaced from the sugar industry. Your investment will have to exceed $250,000 for a single application, and there are a number of fees which will need to be paid on top of this sum. The cost of these fees will depend on various factors, such as how many people in your family are applying for citizenship. Children under the age of eighteen and a spouse can be included with your St Kitts and Nevis citizenship application, although a fee of $50,000 will be applied for children over the age of eighteen.
St Kitts Real estate propertiesPurchasing real estate

Purchasing St Kitts real estate and nevis real estate is the second way to gain citizenship, although the investment will need to exceed $400,000 – more expensive than a donation to the Sugar Industry Diversification Fund. You will be able to sell your property in five years, and you do not need to remain on the island permanently. If you do decide to settle on Saint Kitts and Nevis however, you will have access to various social programs such as work and educational opportunities. Your investment for citizenship will be returned if your application is rejected by the country’s government, although fees will not be refunded so it’s always best to do your research before making an application. Citizens from Afghanistan and Iran are exempt from applying for the country’s citizenship program. You don’t need to visit the country during the application process, although doing so will allow you to familiarize yourself with the customs and culture of this island nation.
What else you need to know

Other benefits to become a citizen include visa-free travel to over 130 countries, including Canada and Switzerland, as well as all countries in the European Union, such as the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, and Sweden. You will be able to travel in and out of the country on some of the world’s biggest flight carriers, with non-stop flights to Miami and New York City, as well as San Juan in Puerto Rico. It can take up to six months for the government to accept your application, and several more weeks to get your documentation together, so you will need to allow ample time when making your application. Some of the documentation required to make an application includes two reference letters from a banker, lawyer or chartered accountant, a marriage certificate, medical certificate, and a police clearance certificate. Letters will need to be translated into English if they are in another language, and cannot be older than three months.

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One of the most beautiful islands in the Bahamas is Eleuthera. When you visit this beautiful island destination, you will be surrounded by amazing coral reefs, pink sand, the Atlantic Ocean or the Great Bahama Bank, and adventure and luxury everywhere you look.

If you are planning a trip to the island, you will want to check out Eleuthera villa rentals. There is no hotels on the island, so renting a gorgeous vacation rental is the best way to ensure you have a blast and stay comfortable your entire visit. Eleuthera is filled with great vacation homes all over the island. Whether you are looking for a romantic giveaway for you and your lover, or your taking the whole family on a once in a lifetime beach getaway, you can find vacation rental that meet your needs, budget, and expectations.

When choosing from many Eleuthera vacation home rentals, make sure to consider what you want to do while you are there, what part of the island you want to see the most, and which homes will meet your needs. There are many great beaches, restaurants, tours, and other activities on the island, so make sure you choose a rental that is close to what you want to do, so you can get the most of your beach vacation.

Visit French Leave Beach If you want to experience firsthand the pink sand that Eleuthera is famous for, you need to visit the French Leave Beach in the Governor’s Harbour. French Leave Beach is one of the most popular beaches on the island, but it never seems crowded. This tourist favorite beach is wide open, which allows you to enjoy the sun and sand without feeling overwhelmed by others. Preacher’s Cave Preacher’s Cave is located on the north side of the island, and can be reached by water or road. It is worth the trip no matter how you get there and offers scenic views you will never forget.

After spending a long day learning more about the history of the island, the famous shipwreck that occurred there, or how the inhabitants battled for religious freedom, you will be ready to enjoy running through pink sand and snapping pics of everything and anything you see while you are there. Take advantage of the sightseeing tours all over the island. The residents of Eleuthera cater to tourists. In fact, tourism is one of the biggest industries on the island. When you vacation in Eleuthera, you can expect to be treated like royalty. There are sightseeing tours all over the island that allow you to truly experience everything the island has to offer and accommodations that will make you sad to go home.

Have the vacation of your dreams by choosing an Eleuthera vacation home that match your needs and exceed your expectations. When you visit Eleuthera, you will never want to leave, especially when you stay in a home that provides all the necessities you need, and luxuries you could think of. Visit Eleuthera today.


Flavour of the Orient on board a luxurious Train

Amazingly decked up cabins, sumptuous outlook of the very quick moving rural areas, mouth-watering delicacies on the go- well that’s luxurious train travel for you. Flawless infrastructure and commend worthy hospitality makes your journey a memorable one. These teaches offer a pleasant outlook of the heritage and social change of the inhabitants of the countries you overtake by. You are just pampered like a King and your beloved like a Queen throughout your long stay in the train.


Pamper Potpourri

Luxury train services are well liked across the globe. People with different flavours can furthermore have customized cabins registered for them. Most of the teaches have been conceived and performed by the best in the business. So you get an fact vehicle, regal suites, guest sleepers and much more. midday meal and evening meal are assisted in the two bistro vehicles, while a breakfast of croissants, fruit, coffee, tea and juice extract extract is consigned to your cabin every day. The décor in most of these trains invoke the bygone locality of the continent. therefore you have the Rovos rail service in South Africa, to the east & Oriental articulate in south-east Asia with flamboyant ambience to woo you during the excursion.


Discovering the Thai Heritage

Now let us talk about the journey affiliated with these luxurious teaches. You can make a stunning journey to Thailand on board the luxurious teaches in Asia. The administration churn out hassle free logistics for your registration, the excursion in minutia and your alternative of the cuisine. Usually these trains have a weeklong bundle for you to discover the pristine sandy shores of Phuket, the old world charm of Chiang Mai, the buying buying centres and the nightlife of Bangkok, the adventure sports at Pattaya and a alalallotmentmentment more. tour guides are available just for you to take strolls in a customary village. The most astonishing part of this train is that you get to discover such attractively maintained heritage sites like the 12th-century Khmer temples at Prasat Sikhoraphum and Phanom Rung accompanied by a permitted direct.


Jaw lowering Dishes

ranch fresh goods are used to arrange your midday meal and dinner on the train. Dig into the authentic Thai groundworks of jumbo shrimps, mushrooms, tofu, noodle soup and other sumptuous delicacies. You can try out the Gai Med Ma Moung, a preparation of pullet and Cashew nuts, the aromatic Tom Yam Goon comprising of lemongrass, herbs, fishes and mushrooms in your personal cabin. Just soak in the beverages at the bar both in the dining arena and at your cabin. The Chefs have an expertise of catering to the flavour buds of visitors at 7 celebrity hospitality locations over the globe.


Singapore Calling

The trip to Singapore is furthermore a magnificent one in the business of musicians, pianists and other entertainers in the train. Your cabin gets changed into a cosy cabin as the sun groups in the horizon. This journey gives you an opportunity to have a cruise along the Kwa Yai stream. If you are admirer of history then you may have an professional in Thai annals to narrate you some intriguing trivia about the very old Thai kingdoms. The cosmopolitan town of Singapore is the centre of affinity in this excursion. Exploring the town is best finished on foot. You will be accompanied by the journey tour tour guides from the train to the various locations of this town.


Most searched After Trip

distinct heritage have made Asia a dissolving vessel from very old times. discover the south eastern part of this vibrant continent from the hugely decked up observation car of the luxurious trains. Indulge in the on board entertainments, hear to the customary melodies of the localized regions or simply rest and rejuvenate at the spa. Salon cars are also accessible in these trains. diverse journey portals connects you with travel bureaus to get you a registration of your alternative in this part of the world.


The UK has a couple of places that often form the well liked vacation destinations for Brits liking to stay within their own homeland. The family traveller who doesn’t want to bother with all the fluff of soaring abroad and getting a charter car and swapping their cash is choosing to stay closer to dwelling but still have a large time. So with that in mind, is the Isle of Wight set to be the next warm place visited of alternative for us Brits?

The hassle of overseas
For families in specific, heading on holiday abroad can be very costly as well as take a lot of effort to organize. If you’ve ever endeavoured to pack in three young kids, five allotments of luggage and sufficient snacks to last you the drive to the aerodrome, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Once you get to the aerodrome, you pay extortionate charges to reserve, have to get all the children and luggage out of the vehicle, up on a trolley and get inside. You’ll then have to get the family through security, through the gate and up on the plane while avoiding tantrums, travel sickness and accusations of ‘I’m bored’.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination, there’s the problem of arranging a car rental, getting every person and everything packed back into it and driving to the hotel. You’ll then have to navigate round a location that doesn’t talk your dialect while trying your hardest to make certain the family are all happy and attach simultaneously. It’s amazingly very simple to misplace a little one on a engaged sandy shore or market. With this in mind, is it actually any marvel that people don’t desire to hassle with it all?

Awesome island
The Isle of Wight has alot to offer people going on vacation there. As well as the now infamous Isle of Wight carnival held every summer, there are plenty of other activities to do. If you’re journeying with family, friends, alone or as a twosome you will find certain thing fun. The island is known for its dinosaurs so make sure you ascertain out the various dinosaur-related activities on offer. The harbours give you attractive outlooks of the sea and gorgeous sandy shores which are flawless for an early morning walk.

If you travel at the right time of year, you can get take part in the big regatta for Cowes Week. You’ll see Marbella sandy shore with palms some stunning vessels during this carnival and get a great tan if the climate behaves as well. The advantage of the Isle of Wight is that it feels like you’re going on a proper vacation, rather than a ‘staycation’. The ferry journey over to the isle isn’t especially long and you can take your vehicle with you but the detail that you have to move off-land to get there presents you the vacation vibe in a way that a week in Dorset just doesn’t rather do. You have the choice of caravanning, living in tents, residing in a holiday reserve, a posh inn or going self-catering so you can tailor the vacation to be precisely what you desire it. vacations in the Isle of Wight offer endless options so publication your place on the ferry and get prepared for a bright UK-based trip.


One of the biggest animal parks in the world is SeaWorld San Diego. For decades, it has been a home and oceanarium to many sea mammals. It performances a large function in the San Diego tourism commerce. inhabitants from California visit the reserve on a normal basis as well. In supplement to ocean animals, tourists will furthermore find some exciting travels and astonishing reside displays at the park.How to stay fit on travel3 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

There are enticements that appeal to tourists of any age. children get their own area called Sesame Street embayment of Play. It’s a freshly renovated locality filled with joy, family-friendly travels.  Stimulating events are held throughout the day. The reside displays are generally held during the events. Those involved in ocean animals might desire to visit previous in the day throughout feeding hours.

If you want to go to SeaWorld San Diego, you should try stayingfor an whole day. Even though you might be tired after, there is just too much to see and experience.

Luckily, there are sufficient choices with the tickets to supply you with flexibility. You will find discounts on single day permits, fun passes, 1-year passes, 2-year passes, holiday deals, and platinum memberships. You can furthermore opt to add admission to another reserve in the San Diego locality to your membership. lone day passes are perfect for visitors who will only have one chance to visit SeaWorld for the entire year.

When you finally arrive, you’ll be able to visit areas such as Dolphin Point. This is one of the more interesting places at the park. Discover about dolphins as you observe their action. There might even be a trainer there broadcasting with them. There are furthermore ocean otters playing around. throughout feeding hours, you might even get a possibility to feed the dolphins and otters yourself.

The embayment of Play is an unconditional must-visit if you are going with children. They can meet all of their favorites, encompassing Elmo and Cookie Monster, and go on joy rides. One of the well liked rides is a carousel with Elmo-shaped soaring fish. For mature persons, there are thrilling rides such as excursion to Atlantis, Manta and Riptide Rapids. Riptide Rapids is a joy, splashy ride round a wow winding river. Fun seasonal events are held all the time. No matter what time of the year you go, you will find some sort of special happening going on. If you’ve not ever been to SeaWorld San Diego before, you’ll find out while it’s so popular. If you have been, then don’t turn down a chance to go back.You particularly won’t desire to turn down a chance to proceed to this reserve if you can get SeaWorld San Diego discount tickets. They are accessible online and give tourists a chance to save a lot of cash. gaze over all of the discount options to find out how inexpensive this vacation will be.